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"I think of my desserts as edible art.
While fun to decorate, my real enjoyment comes from them being
for their flavor and not simply for their appearance."
Pastry Chef

Daniel has always had an appreciation for art and a love of food. From a young age he was often curled up somewhere drawing and sketching or, near the kitchen, watching his Grandma cook and bake.


Never thinking of his pastimes becoming a career, Daniel went on to receive a Bachelor of Business from the University of Miami. After a few years in Human Resources focusing on training and development, he realized his desire to revisit his true passions and returned to school to receive a Culinary Degree from Le Cordon Bleu.


Stumbling upon the world of wedding cakes, Daniel worked for one of Orlando, Florida's premiere Custom Cake shops as a Baker and Cake Decorator. Still a self proclaimed artist, the new Pastry Chef realized he could combine his 'artist's eye' with his new love of confections.


From there, Daniel continued strengthening his skills and knowledge in bakeries and cake shops along the East Coast. Having recently relocated to Denver, Colorado in a desire to be closer to family, he's excited to bring his enthusiasm for desserts to the Mile High City!



“You were right… Holy Cow!  You weren’t kidding about that cake!”

Sara Lane

“Thanks again for the cake and for driving it all the way down! it was so special that you were a part of it. Thank you again!”

Noelle & Devin Harvey

"Best Birthday Cake Ever!"

Paul-Pierre Louise

"Your cake was amazing. You really impressed me with this one!"

Benjamin Bynum




All the sweetness of a cake in a little tulip cup. Fillings included.

One dozen, same flavor, for $54.00; half-dozen for$30.00

Cake Stackers

These single-serving desserts are composed of layers of cake, fillings, and buttercream. Trade your fork for a spoon.

One dozen, same flavor, for $48.00; half-dozen for $27.00

Bakery Classics

6-inch, 8-inch, or 10-inch round cakes composed of five layers of cake and four layers of filling. The taste of the wedding cake without the price.

A 6-inch classic is $65.00; an 8-inch is $80.00; and a 10-inch is $95.00

Custom Cakes

These statement pieces can be the centerpiece of your event. Design possibilities are endless.

Starting at $6.00 per serving

Tiered Cakes

Each tier consists of four layers of cake, three layers of filling, and is covered in rich buttercream.

Buttercream cakes start at $8.00 per serving

Sculpture Cakes

Cake can take many surprising forms, from cars and boats to fish and fowl; I love an artistic challenge.

Depending on design, these cakes start at $10.00 per serving

Pricing is subject to, but not limited to; number of servings requested, intricacies of design, and combination of services desired.





Black Tie

Chocolate Cake - White Chocolate Mousse - Chocolate Ganache - Vanilla Buttercream


Graham Cracker Cake - Chocolate Fudge - Marshmallow Creme - Chocolate Buttercream

Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate Cake - Chocolate Mousse - Chocolate Ganache - Chocolate Buttercream

Confetti Cannon

Confetti Cake - White Chocolate Mousse - White Chocolate Ganache - Vanilla Buttercream

Gone Nutty

Almond Cake - Chocolate Mousse - Hazelnut Creme - Toasted Pecans - Chocolate Buttercream

Lemon Blueberry Streusel

Lemon Cake - Blueberry Preserves - Cream Cheese Mousse - White Chocolate Ganache - Lemon Buttercream

Raspberry Ripple 

Raspberry Cake - Raspberry Preserves - White Chocolate Mousse - White Chocolate Ganache - Raspberry Buttercream 

Strawberry Shortcake 

White Cake - Strawberry Preserves - White Chocolate Mousse - White Chocolate Ganache - Strawberry Buttercream

Turtle Clusters

Chocolate Cake - Toasted Pecans - Caramel Mousse - Caramel - Chocolate Buttercream

This listing consists of Torte and Fill Signature Flavors. Special combinations, as well as flavor suggestions, may be subject to additional costs.



Operating Hours

10:00a - 6:00p   Tuesday- Friday     11:00a -3:00p Saturday     Closed Sunday & Monday

Complimentary-consultations are by appointment only

Sample Boxes are available in a 4-count for $40.00 or a 6-count for $60.00

These amounts act as credit toward your final total

Thanks for submitting!

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